Sauvignon 1999
This dry white wine derives solely from the sauvignon grape variety. The grapes are
picked at the peak of maturity and fermented at a constant temperature of 18°C,
which produces a rich, elegant wine with a concentrated flavour.
This wine makes an excellent accompaniment to all kinds of shellfish, as well as
numerous fish and light starters.
It is best served at approximately 8-10°C, and may be kept for a maximum of two to
three years.


Chenin 1997


Méthode traditionnelle Brut
Blend of Chardonnay and Chenin. Made in Tufa caves for one year. Produces a very
fruity wine, soft in the mouth, round with very delicate bubbles. Serve it chilled
between 8 and 10°C as an aperitif or during the meal.



Tradition 1998
This fullbodied red wine is based on three different grapes : Gamay, Cabernet and
Côt. Gamay brings the fruity flavours, Côt and Cabernet, the structure.
Serve with white and red meat. Tasting temperature : 14°C. It may be kept for 6 to 8


Gamay 1998/1999
This red grape variety with a white juice produces a fruity, smooth and refreshing
wine. Dense ruby red color, great depth of delicious ripe fruit on nose.
Serve with all kinds of grilled or white meat, at 12°C


Côt barrique 1996


Côt 1998
It is the oldest red variety of our country. It produces a full bodied red wine which
aquires Cherry’s flavours when aging. Serve at approximately 14°C with game and


Cabernet 1998
Full bodied red wine with raspberry, green pepper and blackcurrant flavours.
It may be kept 6 to 8 years . Serve at room temperature with red meat, game and



Perle de Rosée 1999
This fruity wine is based on the Pineau d’Aunis, a red skinned grape with white
juice. The process used is similar to that for white wines, where the skins are
removed after the grapes have been pressed and the juice is then fermented at a
constant temperature of 18°C. The resulting wine is refreshing with spicy overtones.
It is well suited to cold meats, veal and chicken dishes, should be served at 10 to
12°C, and may be kept for a maximum of three years.


Méthode traditionnelle Brut